Saturday, October 22, 2011

Great night out

I was so excited to go out last night but after a few beers, I was super tired and felt like going home. But no, my dear, dear, amazing, awesome, fabulous friends talked me in to staying and going out to this place called Ace, so I did. I decided that I was either going to call it a night or go full out, what would you have picked? Either way I'm so glad I went along because I had an Amazing time thanks to my friends.
SO glad I have them, good friends aren't too hard to find. But great friends are. 

The night consisted of:
  • Dancing like crazy like no one was watching and taking over the dancefloor.
  • Talking to a guy from NYC who was here visiting.
  • Speaking English, french and a liiiitle bit of spanish with some spanish guys. I don't think they understood too much of it though.. But in my condition, I thought it went very well!
  • Tricking two guys into believing that me and L were from Wisconsin America, the awkward part however is that they live at the same subway stop as I do so there is a Big risk that I'll see them again and they will understand our pretty little lies about being foreign exchange students over here..
  • Ate almost half a pie when me and L got home. It was gigantic.. Before we decreased the size of it by eating it, vikingstyle.

Probably one of my best nights out,
sosososo much fun!

Now I'm heading to my aunt's place to help her cook and prepare for tonights family dinner, so excited to see my relatives!

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