Saturday, February 18, 2012

Birthday party and cake fight

Last night me and T went to F's house to celebrate her birthday with 30 other people. It was a fun night even though we arrived late because of complications with the birthday gift (which isn't even done yet so we have to give it to her another time, succes...). There were some older friends there who I enjoyed catching up with and chattin in general was so much fun! The night ended with a cake fight and me and T ended up with raspberries and whipped cream all over us (and I mean All over us. Hair, clothes, you name it!!) So we spend the last hours of the night smelling like old milk even though we tried to wash it out. But P who threw it at us got his fair share as well so we were pretty pleased with that, mohaha... Either way it was a fun and random night that I will never forget. Me and T woke up in her room with the same smell the day after and talked and laughed about the whole night for hours, just as it should be. But we got washed up when the stench got too strong, a shower has never felt so good...


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Anonymous said...

Ohwow, this is a naughty idea. Something i always wanted but never dared, I would love to get into apiefight! How did it feel to get pied? Must be funny Love, Cynthia

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