Tuesday, November 19, 2013


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Boboboooo can you believe it's already November 18th!? And what does that mean? (Except for the fact that it's time to get a winter jacket...). IT'S ONLY ONE MORE MONTH UNTIL I'M IN NYC WITH A SHAKING OUR ASSES TO BEYONCE IN BROOKLYN! Omg, it's insane people, insaaane. So yes, only 30 more days until I leave my dear Montreal and once I get back it's just for a limited time to pack my shit and get my ass across the country to Whistler. Yes. This citygirl is heading towards a ski adventure like no other! Wanna come...? And from one adventure to another. Laval people. This was an intense summer day/night in a suburb of Monteral. Me and my banjis on an hiking trip in.. Well... Why don't you have a look? xoXO. mISS v.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Human hot dog

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So I have spent most of the day (all of the day) researching french 
schools here in Montreal and mon dieu, there's a lot.. Since my work
is only part time I feel like I need to become more productive and
dive into to french language even deeper in order to succeed with
my long time goal (fluency). But other than reflecting on french and
played houswife in my new apartment (cleaning was very much needed,
trust me) I've also found time to spend in nature like last friday night
when we were invited to a bon fire and guess who got the fire started?
MOI!! Yes, I was excited (extatic, europhoric, happy dancing) as the
citygirl I am I was very proud of my ability to start this fire with nothing
but common sense, zero experience. 384 smores too many later me and S
headed home for a good night sleep. The day after was spent at work
smelling like a human hot dog (no time to wash my hair at 6am, no shame,
shut up)

Here's me and two of my Montreal darlings, aren't they pretty...?

Thursday, October 3, 2013


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There is something about the two words "French" and "Vanilla" that makes my mouth water. That's what happened a few days ago when I made the horrible (insanely bad, awful) decision to buy coffee. But now just coffee (like a normal person with a normal brain) no, French Vanilla coffee. I'm warning you, as human beings looking after each other, don't get this. (Run, ruuuun and never look back!!!). That is unless you enjoy a vanilla bomb with an aftertaste of cheese bolls (click on the pinkness if you need more of a visual). This coffee cost me 4.99$+tax and I have regretted it ever since (3 days now and still counting). Why in the world would you even want to destroy something so extrodinary as coffee and make me gag everytime I hear that beautiful word "coffe" after "French Vanilla". It's ruined!!! Anyways, as the part time worked and eco friendly (try to be) and hate-when-people-waste-food-etc-dumbasses-person I am, I will drink this until it's finish. I won't enjoy it, I won't recommend it but I made my bed and I will lay in it until there are only spots of powder left in that aluminum (re-used materials) jar. So there it is. After this post I will have another sip of this cheeseball/vanillascreamo-coffee (I am cleaning my room so I need all the caffeine I can get my hands on) but I am warning you. Don't do the same mistake as me. SOS.
Don't let the pretty package fool you,

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

New place, fresh start

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Hello my darlings,
Out with the old and in with the new. Summer is over but fall doesn't mean the end of adventures, great weather and spontanious trips. It's just the beginning. I'm finally moved out from the crazy house and exchanged the craycray lady with Wifi, the 3 inch mattress with a real, big, soft bed and the laundry line with a washer and dryer (words can't even explain how great this upgrade is). The neighbourhood is filled with cozy apartmentbuildings and trees surrounding all the streets giving me the perfect fall feeling, can't wait until the leaves turn orange, yellow and red.. This is a little instagram update from the past weeks. (Instagram:Kvarby). Love the random events Montreal keeps throwing such as the free Kings of Leon concert me and Soph got to see last night. Hope you are enjoying a relaxing wednesday afternoon (or night, whatever time difference there is between us). I'm so ready to see what October has to offer, it's a beautiful month, don't forget to enjoy it.
Miss V.


Monday, September 23, 2013


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Here is a photobomb from the 3 days we spent in the intense, big, cultural city called Toronto. 10/9-13/9.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Those little things

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I'm sitting at second cup (once more) sipping on my dark, colombian coffee with a hint of chocolate while waiting for the clock to hit 12 since that's when I'll get to talk to my dearest H who I haven't gotten to talk to since I left Sweden 3 months ago. The place is pretty empty but this being a sunday at 11am with gray clouds and sprinkles of rain outside kind of explains why. 
While walking towards the bathroom I passed a table with 2 elders, a woman and a man, playing cards. They are still sitting there with a cup of tea enjoying the game while simply hanging out on a sunday morning. Sometimes I think we forget those little things that can make us so happy. Having fun doesn't always have to involve wild laughs and crazy nights. It can be something so simple and I think people forget to recognize those moments a lot. Last night me and A were hanging out in S's room watching him go through his whole closet (and that's a big ass collection) while deciding what to keep and what to throw out before we move out. Among silky suits, huge fur coats (vintage ofc) floral patterns and amazing designs I though about the very moment and how happy I was to be right there with them doing just that. I was truly enjoying the moment and that's something I want to get better at. Maybe we all should? Because after all, the most important things might just be that. Those little things..
Even things that aren't supposed to be fun. Miss the days here spent with L who was here visiting. Even the times we were doing laundry and other everyday stuff..


Friday, September 20, 2013


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Since living in Montreal has given me the habit to always carry a waterbottle around (try coming here in july without one and see how long you survive) I have drank the whole 0,5 L of it now and saved blogging as the last things for me to do while stealing Wifi in this wonderful (beige, loud, awful) food court and now I really, really, reallyyy have to pee. And I don't want to pack my stuff and put it all up again after visiting the ladies so yeah, I'm going to make this a short update. Tonight me and my banjis are having a moving out party at our loft and I'm sososo excited about it! It's almost been 3 months since we had the last party which was also my first weekend in Montreal. It's crazy how time flies and at the same time, how much thinch you can do, see, experience during 3 intense months. Can't wait to see what this night will have to offer (other than the 2 pans of brownies we are making for our guests..).
Moi et A during our last party which was a dragqueen-fiesta... (OK, now I reallyyyyyyyyy need to pee... BYE!)
xoxo, J.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


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I started the morning thinking that I would have the day off and spoiling myself with a breakfast in the city (because someone forgot to buy breakfast food and tuna just won't work at 10am) but oh was I wrong! Got called in but hey, a little extra cash hasn't hurt no one... So I made myself a packed lunch and went to Second cup to have the 2.50 breakfast-deal I'd been longing for since I made the decision to treat myself like 15 hours ago (coffee+egg sandwich). I turned down Tim Hortons (Canada's Mecca where bagles, coffee and doughnuts can be bought at a super low price) because I figured it couldn't be much less than 2,50 and I've had internet troubles there before and since this internet session was the only highlight of my day before climbing into the cave called retail (ok it's not bad but still, I can't tell if the sun is shining or not) I decided that I deserved it. The boss of the café was the first stranger I talked to in Canada. It was my first day to walk the streets alone trying to find the phone store on stumbeling legs like a new born calf (ok, not really but I've heard that exaggerations can make a good story great) and this place was where I got my first lunch. The ice breaker was "I'm new here, I'm Swedish" and that's all it took. Me and my friends became regulars (mostly because it's super close to our loft and the fact that we don't have our own Wifi). So even though the iced coffee tastes like a mix between coffee grounds and ash tray (once again, exaggerations, but still it's pretty darn bad coffee..) we still came, like, alllll the time. But this time the gross coffee wasn't my concern (especially since the hot coffee is great) but it was the fact that I heard "5,75" as the price to pay. What happened to the 2,50 amazingness? Sure, there are taxes but double price? NO WAY!!! I asked him about it and yeah, it was 2,50 (thank god) Then 2,75 (what?!) THEN 5,75 (WHATTHEFUCK?!) with all the taxes included. I guess they put a shitload of taxed on egg sandwiches nowdays... I pretended not to be in shock and calculating the fact in my head that this little "treat" would cost me more than half an hour of work. Tears started rolling down my cheeks.. (alrightalright, I know. Too much exaggerations...). But when he handed me the gently grilled and perfectly greasy egg sandwich I gave him my biggest, fakest, Disneyland smile (working there has really helped me stay nice in tricky situations) and a HUGE "thank you" to compensate the fact that I'm never, ever, having breakfast there again. 

So what can we learn from this? Well, if you are looking for a cheap breakfast, don't pick 2nd cup. Never forget the fact that taxed are added afterwards and never, ever, underestimate the power of Tim Hortons. I'm starting to understand the Canadian's love for this place. Omg, am I turning Canadian...?
Let's throw in a positive vibe with a picture of me and some of mes amis on one of our daily adventures. This time in Laval, Montreal.


Sunday, September 15, 2013


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Hello my angels who have still been around to visit this little blog of mine while I've been a bad (badbadbad) blogger. I guess I've been consumed by Montréal and all it's amazing randomness and the fact that I don't have internet at home (which is why I am sitting in a food court at the moment with Wifi, no food...). But October will be a month of change since I am moving to a new place, still in Montréal of course. But a place with Wifi, a bed (not the 3 inch madress I'm currently torturing my back with), a washer and dryer and no crazy 40yearold french woman/clean freak who brings in snakes to the loft, strangles people, shouts at everyone, smokes weed 24/7 and points fingers at everyone but herself (you might think that's a complicated description but believe me, this is the simple one). Anyhow, me and my 2 banjiboys are leaving this crazy collective environment to move to a happy place with no crazy ladies, just the 3 of us. So yes, I'm excited! I'm also excited to go grocery shopping in a few minutes because all I have in my fridge is 4 eggs... Yepp, 4 eggs and my shelf has a can of beens, ketchup, an emty jar of coffee, soup and some rice (now who wants to  come over for dinner?!? I promise, bean/egg/rice omelette is DELICHHH!!). So yeah, I might be 20 years old living on the opposite side of the globe from my family and living on my own for real for the very first time but this is still pitful.... So yeas, grocery shopping it is! (Besides, I had my last ramen last night so I'm pretty screwed if I don't...) And until next time I talk to you I hope you eat great food, sleep on a thick matess and don't have to worry about a crazy lady in your loft who you unwillingly are living with at the moment. But if you are, I hope you do as me and move out, ASAP MY DEAR, AAASSSAAP!

But it's been an exciting 3 months living in this amazing, artistic loft with 3 great people and one nutcase. Either way, I'll miss it! 

Me and my banji, S

Monday, August 12, 2013


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From my first month in Montréal.


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