Monday, November 21, 2011

"Cavities are so unfashionable these days"

Woke up and saw my biggest enemies under my eyes, dark circles.. But nothing that a little bit of concealet can't remove! (Clinique's is the best, trust me. It lasts for ages and so does it's amazing results). But I still had to drag my butt to math class and then swedish class where all I did was to chit chat about the weekend with the girls. After school I went to the dentist. No cavities in my mouth, score!! Haven't ever had any tell you the truth (which is pretty amazing for being such a candy lover). Told my dentist about that and all she said was "well cavaties are so unfashionable these days!" All I could think about was when cavities was ever fashionable.. Could it ever be fashionable? 
After the visit I had a cup of coffee at McDonald's and even sat down there all by myself (I'm pretty proud of that since I never eat/drink out alone. Not because I can't be on my own. Only because it simply feels weird..). But it was actually pretty nice! I got a lot of studying done before heading back to the city to go bowling with some friends to celebrate Y's birthday, finally 18! 

And now I am back at my house trying to study. I have this big test about China on friday so I have to start studying for real now. It's a test both in History and Social Sience so I have a feeling it's going to be pretty huge..

But it's a super interesting country to learn about so it is not too bad really, I just have to find the motivation!
This is what my hard core study session looks like,

  1. Coffe, what else? Makes my mood a whole lot better and keeps my mind focused.
  2. Mandarines. VitaminC, so important these cold days my dears. + A true energy boost.
  3. Yellow marker. Oh my lord, what would I do without you? Makes me remember the most important parts of the texts and also helps me find my way back to them so I can review it all. 
  4. Water. Got to keep ourselves hydrated to be able to store new info and stay on top, right?
  5. MissViking's blog. OK, total lie... It is right now my biggest distraction. That's why I am signing out right after this post..
Time to get my geek on. 


Steve Frous said...

haha ur laptop looks gigantic

MissViking said...

Hahahah I didn't even notice! That is awesome since it is sooo small IRL (x

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