Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Today at 5pm I rushed to the subway to get to an event that I got invited to go to by my bff F.

It was an event where people held presentations about global communication and export.
It was so interesting!!
It started out with a presentation by the Indian ambassadeur which was pretty great and followed
by other well performed speeches. I sure learnt a lot that I think will be valuble in the future,
especially since I am very interested in the PR-buisness.

Wine and snacks were generously served so yeah, we drank a glass of wine. Or two..
Maybe a refill as well? Either way, it only made the presentations even more exciting..

And also made it even harder not to laugh when one of the speakers ended every sentence with "right?"
(and no, I am NOT exagerrating, it happened all the time.)

"So the US economy went down right? In 2010 blahblahblah happened, right? That's how it is, right?"

Too funny! However it isn't so funny when you are absolutely not allowed to laugh and you
can't help yourself.. I even had to look away and plug my ears so I could stop giggeling and avoid
suffocating myself in order not to laugh... Oh wow..

A picture F sent me of the fabulous new pair of shoes she just bought from BikBok's
first shoe collection. How pretty aren't these?! I couldn't resist showing you this photo.

It is just like F said:

"New shoes, shoelicious right??"

I'm jealous, are you?


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