Sunday, November 20, 2011

Fabulous weekend

It is sunday night and I just got done watching Jersey Shore (omg, I love that show...).
I had a really good weekend and I thought I would give you guys a summarize of it,

Went to the museum and had to answer a bunch of questions and find the answers in the different exhibitions. Me and J were pumped (how couldn't we be? I mean, there was even a price to win!). But the excitement turned into a joke when we were running around like little kids trying to find the answers and then realizing that other little kids (Like 10-year olds..) were running around with the same papers and questions..

And then we got a guided tour outside for 1,5 hours where we learned about minerals, rocks and... Rocks? Our guide was seriously so into it that he wouldn't even need an audience to talk about rocks. He could easily have done that without us, just talking to the stones.. So we all froze our asses of in the cold (the top half of my fingers litterally turned white) before the wonderful tour was over. Man, that guy could have gone on and on forever! We stood on the same mountain for over half an hour before swithing to another gray, amazing, interesing... Rock.... ZzzZzzz.....

After that I met up T and had a great, sweaty workout at the gym before going home and relax on the couch exhausted from a long school week and boring talk about gray rocks...
The Museum of Natural History
Met up my aunt and had lunch in Old town which is super pretty with an amazing atmosphere, especially now since the christmas market has started. We had lunch and walked around the market before going to my cousins place to eat dinner, play with her adorable son and drink wine. After that I rushed to the subway to get to my friend's house because she was throwing a party.  It was a fun night filled with drinks, music, dancing, laughter and interesting conversations.

And tomorrow I will tell you about today (complicated, huh?) because right now ,I am exhausted. And I want to tell you guys about my new role model who I learned a whole lot about today. Such an amazing woman... But it will take more words to do that and  this post is already way way way too long. So I will ttyl readers. The viking is going to bed..

Old Town. Since I didn't take any pics I loaned some from my bff Google, hope he/she approves..


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