Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Last Night

Last night was spent at L's house where we hung out one last time before she leaves for Barcelona, Spain. In my school we all get to do a internship our senior year in either France, Spain or Germany (depending on what 3rd language you speak) so that means that I am going to Aix en Provance in France. I don't leave until november 27th but I'm still sososo exited!
Me and L this summer.
It was a dinner party with a bunch of her friends that I've never met 
before so that was a lot of fun! And now I'm on my way to the gym to
sweat for a couple of hours with my bff T. Haven't seen her in a while 
so that should be fun! Working out while having a cold like me isn't 
the smartest thing to do though but after alllll of the deserts I ate in 
Budapest (which are by the way getting their own very post on my
 blog, stay tuned people!!), it's definitely needed.. 
I'm going to do it, vikingstyle...


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