Saturday, December 24, 2011

Miss Fool

So I sat at the subway at 7pm-ish on the way to my dad's place and had already been riding the subway for about 10 minutes, thrilled that the right one that takes me all the way there came right away. But after those 10 minutes I realized that I forgot something, the christmas gifts! Hifndiabnid I was so mad at myself having to go all the way back with the subway, walk and so on (hello lazy!) but I got of the subway and went back.

Unfortunetely I didn't realize that I was in the wrong end of the subway until I arrived at my station, splendid was all I could say.. Did I mention it was raining...? On the way back to my mom's place I sang a song to myself involving the words fuck my life. It was super catchy, should totally sell it to Itunes.. The rain was just that extra touch to make this experience even more failed. However the non existing makeup on my face didn't care and my hair was just sloppily put up in a high ponny tail so that didn't mess up nothing. But my red face from today's visit at the gym was everything else than flattering.

But now I'm here in my bed after eating a great dinner (tacopie, can never disappoint), making cinnamon rolls, eating loads of candy and watching LoveActually + celebrated my birthday (since I was in France this year.) I got a gift card at H&M, yesyesyeeeees!

But now christmas is here and I'm going to enjoy it to the fullest, starting with a long night sleep. Goodnight darlings, Merry Christmas!

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