Friday, January 6, 2012

Jellyfish deep talk

After a bumpy flight (it's gonna be a bumpy riiideeee, sorry, couldn't help it..). with lots of clouds me, S and T finaly landed in Stockholm. We were welcomed by a cold wind and concrete ground as soon as we walked off the plane ladder (home sweet home.. Not to mention the ice covering the concrete.). Finaly back at my apartement me and T went to bed and discussed the animal life on this planet before falling asleep. We focused on animals in the ocean and agreed on the fact that the jellyfish and coralls have to have the lames lives on the planet. Just swimming around in the blue looking stupid or worse, just being stuck to a reef. Made us appreciate our lives even more. (No, we are not crazy. But with the combination of extreme tiredness and heavy colds, these kinds of conversations might be the result.). We are true philosophers, aren't we?

And yesterday was spent on the couch with random TV shows. Going to make this day more productive, ouioui. But after yesterdays shower and facial mask that I bought in London (which I have to show you later, it's amazing!) I feel like a new person. I'll be moving my butt to the mall with M pretty soon, let's see what we can find there....

Just swimming around like I do every day. Nothing new.. Or oh!
I saw a yellow fish today!! That was pretty awesome.. God I'm pathetic.. 
This life sucks. I've tried to electrocute myself. Too bad I'm immune to it.
 FML. Better keep on swimming then..
Dear diary, today was a boring day as usual. All I did was to hang 
out by this stupid reef again. And that f****ng fish came over again
and rubbed this dirt against me, so gross. And my neighbour is lame
as usual. Just want to get out of here. 58 million years is enough. FML.

 Is it pathetic that we laughed our asses off during this whole conversation? 
Our humor is just the best... Maybe we are the lame ones? Who knows...


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