Thursday, January 19, 2012

One step closer to Paris

You know that you haven't slept enough the past days when you oversleep by 3 hours. I woke up and saw the sun shining through my window and immediately got the feeling that it wasn't 7am in the morning (usually when I wake up it's black outside..). My phone failed with the waking up part and has been freaking out ever since I went to Sofie's house last night. It refused to call her and then it called her by itself from my bag when we were talking in the kitchen. Sofie told me that I was calling her and I went to check my phone in my bag and sure enough, it was calling Sofie, from my bag 3 hours too late.. Even though I missed my first class in school it was worth it, I truly needed to sleep.. And oh, exciting news!! Both me and S got the interviews for the job in Paris, I'm just crossing my fingers now that we can nail the interview part as well..

Now I'm done enjoying my cup of coffee and it's time to starting packing my bags since I'm leaving for Amsterdam tomorrow!! Sosososososo excited....  (Omg, almost sounds like the Friday song by Rebecca Black haha...).


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