Saturday, February 11, 2012

Monster. Peace. Love. Art. Unity. No hate. No prejudice.


Last night was filled with mysterious joy. We took our horses (subways) and rode to the deepest of the deepest suburban djungles where an exciting party was waiting for our arrival (OK, V who invited us was at least. And the rest of them seemed happy to see our unfamiliar faces as well). Besides from lot's of handshaking and forgetting names, the night was a success. I felt so alive from being able to enjoy myself in a house filled with fun people without rules for only 7$ (beverages ladies) when a night out at a club can take that much just for a lousy beer (which I enjoy every little expencive drip out of). 

Since my adventure was last night
this girl is spending this one 
behind locked doors with 
good food, music
and family.

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