Tuesday, February 7, 2012

See who it is?

 Of course it's no one less than the german fashion creator Karl Lagerfeld is not only on the cover of today's metro, but he is also the gues editor. If you, like me, read Metro every day on the way to school, work or wherever, I truly hope you didn't miss our on todays's edition. It contains a fun interview which tells you about interesting parts of his life as well as his view of sex... (Now don't pretend like you don't care. I know we are all curious..) his own guide in Paris and more. I was hoping for bigger part of the paper to be his, but the parts that were were good reading for sure.
But if you for whatever reasons didn't get your hands on a copy I am sure you can thank the internet and read it all online. Now how great isn't that? 

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