Thursday, February 2, 2012

Too tired of today

Yesterday was a day filled with fun and drinks. Me, L and J celebrated J's birthday (which happened to be last week but hey, better late than never right?)It all started out with dinner and wine and continued with an amazing ice cream buffet (ah-ma-zing). We decided that the night shouldn't end just because the clock was in a rush, we wanted the night to continue. So we took all of our things and went to a club where dancing, beer and random company was waiting for us.

Minutes became hours and after a 10 minute run me and L were sitting on the night bus on our way home with sore feet and heavy eyelids. We woke up at 7am (7am people, 7am!!), got ourselves ready and went to school. Yes, I can barely believe it myself.

But now I am in bed (at 9:10pm) ready to watch the first episode of Top Model Sweden and then go to sleep. Just like I did on accident in french class today (3 hours of sleep+a boring novel in french=ZzzZZzz....).

My dears. J and L ♥


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