Sunday, April 22, 2012

We are fun

Since my sunday has involved nothing more than eating, sleeping and Jersey Shore (love you dramalicous amazingness) I figured telling about my saturday could me worth a lot more! I drove with dad and G to Bauhaus (one of those stores with everything you can imagine in it) and got some chairs in a cool retro style for the garden, orange and black so it's going to look pretty cool. After that I enjoyed some delicious banana bread. And no, this is not an unneccessary detail but an important fact because if you do have brownish bananas laying around at your house, don't throw them away! NOOO!! Make this instead and you will love me forever. Then I drove some more and went to T's house and studied a little drivers ed (the test we are taking in a few weeks is going down...). When we had studied enough to feel proud of ourselves we had some ice cream, only (yes, only) in order to gain enough energy to be able to walk to the store to buy candy (it was a saturday =candyandwatchmoviesandeatuntilyourpantsburst-day. So don't judge). But we figured that it could be useful for T to practise her driving skills as well (hehe) so we ended up taking the car to the store as well... Yepp, we are awesome
If this hottie was your taxi driver, you would be one lucky bitch.

Xx, MissV.

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