Thursday, May 24, 2012

Dinner on a blanket

Tonight I did something that I really needed, I spended the whole night in a park with some of my favourite girls. T put it all together before her trip to Aussieland (thank gosh I don't have to say goodbye until tomorrow... Even though that is too soon as well) and it was just SO nice to simply sit on my ass and talk about life with what I like to call my soulmates. Corny? Maybe a little but I truly believe that that's what my friends are. Boys come and go but true friends stay forever. Graduation is just around the corner but whatever happens after I run out of school and throw my hat in the air, I always know that they will be there as my wall to rest on when life gets tough. Deep conversations or laughing about the silliest things, I need them to keep sane. That is my reality. 
Since the picture I took didn't want to work I simply had to borrow one from M with myself in it.  I don't care that I look like a moron because you know what? I am truly happy in this picture. Even though that smile (Or yeah... I don't know what to call it) in the picture is slightly exaggerated, this is the happiest and calmest I've been in so long (blaming school, getting a drivers license and work for that one). And I can't wait to live through a whole summer filled with memories like this one. 

Sleep tight my loves, 
I sure will.

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