Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Lonely tuesday

Oh dear thermos, it is you and me again. My all time study buddies L and S are holding their speaches in class right now but since I did it last week, I'm off the hook. This is when you are supposed to make the time useful and work your butt off. And what am I doing? Hanging out at Tumblr and this blog. Welllllll, I'm going to make effort now and continue working. So I guess I'll talk to you later. Just one more sip out of my thermos mug   
(classy, isn't it?) and then I'll get to work. I promise. I am NOT allowed to leave school until my 10 min (uuughhhh) long speech about trafficking and drug dealing in Mexico is done. Ouioui, that's the plan. Ttyl dears, hope you are more motivated than me to work atm. Kisses. 

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