Thursday, September 27, 2012

Move that butt

Hello my dear readers, how are you doing? Have you ever had the whole day to do things and then you don't get anything done until right before you have to go (run out the door and sprint to the subway) so you don't even get all the OH so simple things done which you need so after you get the first thing in town done you have to go back home to fix & get that other thing and then do round 2 in town? Well.. There I am, getting ready for that round two. But let's not forget the fact that I still got some things done such as a 30 minute run+ ab workout, made some calls, tried out this torchure device (yes, my legs are smooth as silk now) and eaten.. (Such an accomplishment, I know). But now I'm ready to go back to the city to get those last things fixed. Just when Top Model is over.. 5 more min... (Procrastinator, me? Nooo....). Nope, time to get up and moving! And maybe to get my butt to the hair dresser as well.. Gosh, it has grown alot this summer. #LovingLongFlowyHair.


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