Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I never imagined me being so into the game as I was yesterday and even though my team lost with one point, the game was super intense... Hockey seriously brings out the man in me (that old beer-gutted man with a low voice and a love for rough games) as I shouted "YES!!", "NOOO!!!", "CMON!!!","DOOH!!" (imagine the "dooh" as Homer Simpson would say it because that's exactly what it sounded like, coming from 3000 people) along with my dad and all the rest of the men and some women sitting on the benches. It really is overpopulated with men so I surely was a minority. But we should all change that by going to more games! I know I will. Not only in order to show that women can be just as interested in watching sports as men (OK, I'm not addicted as som people and I won't have a bad night just because my team lost but I will however have a good time cheering them on) The whole sports world can seem so dumb and unimportant sometimes (because they don't discuss world crises) but I love the fact that it gets people together. People talk to people they don't know through sports and hang out and have a great time. It's kind of a way to escape reality for a little while because between start time and the last seconds before the clock hits 20, there is no time for a discussion which isn't about the game itself...

I'm glad you seemed to enjoy the video I posted by the way.
Holy hottness, right?


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