Thursday, November 29, 2012


After closing up the café K came in her layer on layer (on layer, on layer) outfit in order to survive this snowing scandinavian weather (poor aussie) and we headed straight to café60. It's one of the best cafés I know of in town (except for the one I work at, duh) because of it's amazing cakes, yummy chai lattes, late closing hours and cozy atmosphere. We stayed there for a few hours just talking about all kinds of things and who knew I would feel so much wiser after sharing a cup of tea with a friend...? Sometimes that's the best things you can do when you have a lot on your mind. Mine got a lot clearer after our conversation and suddenly things feel a lot less complicated... Some things in life can't work out the way you wish they would and all you can really do is to accept that and appreciate it for what it is or was.. Because sometimes it's actually for the best. 

Le aussie doing some serious Stockholm research at the public library and le same aussie at 60's


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