Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Being the travelfreak I am, I always try to do most my shopping abroad. Why? Well dears, the answer is simple. Uniqueness, fun, different, exciting, inspirational, interesting and simply amazing. But from experience I know that everything doesn't always end up the way you planned it to. So that's why I have a backup plan in case London doesn't do it for me (baha, who am I kidding? London always deliver...). Anyway, this might just have been a escapism plan to get into the online world of fashion, going through every column of threads telling myself it's for a good cause. Either way, this is Chicy and boy do we love that girl...

I love her loads,
do you?



Sheila said...

Great post!! I would love to get a Celine one day. :)

If you have time, please come by and check out my blog! And maybe follow?

xo - Sheila

Frances Davila said...

Everything is amazing! Love every trend! Awesome blog! Now following! I hope you can check out mine and follow me as well!


cocoanuts shop said...

We love those styles! White and black jackets are very nice. You mabey like to take a look and enjoy our little vintage-blog-shop, and we can follow each other. Kisses:
Noe & Marina

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