Saturday, November 10, 2012


Yesterday being the longest (12 hours) and probably buissiest days I've worked through at my pretty little café, going out for a drink afterwards just wasn't an option... So I went home and watched a movie with la familia, "Salmon fishing in Yemen", sounds lame (or maybe familiar?) but was actually pretty good (especially enjoyed while eating a plate of hot nachos..Mhmmm...). But today I am staying buissy since I'm going out for a coffee with a friend but first me and F are driving to IKEA to live through some crazy adventures (and buy scented candles... Becayse we are random like that...). So this viking needs to jump into the shower now and get ready for one of the buissy days at this  
inceredible place. A cold, gray saturday. Families be packin'. See you at IKEA darlings! 
I'll look this fab coming out of the store, believe me. Just exhange the "Barneys NewYork"-bag to a plue plastic fantastic IKEA shopping cart in bag form and that's it. Holy hotness...

Have a wonderful saturday..

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christy said...

nice blog ^^ loves it))

follow me and i will follow you)

xoxo Christy

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