Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Les petites

Workin' 7am to 7:30 pm, over here we call it cashflowwww (that's what I'm walking around singing while wearing a huge bun on my head and an old sweatshirt). One of these monsterlong days down, 2 more to go. But this sunday I was free as a bird and I spent it at my cousins house celebrating her sons 6th birthday, man they sure grow up fast.. There was family, cake, cookies, little kids running around everywhere and something else that really got my attention, kittens. They had 2 adorable little ones and I was cuddeling with them from the minute I walked in (litterarly) until I had to leave their little fuzzy faces. I miss having a cat! But I don't have time to reflect more on that, le viking needs to leave for work. Have a great day, xoxo. 

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