Thursday, January 3, 2013


Today my darlings, we went to Berlin to check le city out. It's a cool city with its 3,5 million inhabitants and we were running on our city adventure all day long.  We went to the shit shop and looked at their cool threads before scribbeling some fine words in their little guest book. We also had a huge bratwurst (stop your naughty thoughts now, we can hear them...) for dinner and don't even get me started on the steaks we had for lunch, d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s. We visited plenty of different stores (naturally) which I did while wearing Steve's epic SpongeBob tee since that was a challenge, which I accepted, fabuloussss, and I also tried on the possibly ugliest tee/poncho/hoodie/washedOutRainbow/towel I've ever seen at H&M.  Funfunfun. So after running around and also getting some coffee at Starbucks (and a glühwein pour moi) we were insanely tired, or me at least, so the car ride home was amazing. An eventful and fun day which is ended with tea, mandarines (ooopss I just had 3, I want moreee) and chitchat of course. Love my bitch. XoxoCoco// Steve and Jen.

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