Thursday, January 24, 2013


Is atm getting ready to get my ass to the gym even though I don't feel so well after seeing something I didn't want to see (don't accidentely look up a name you see on tumblr to then realize that this is a girl called "the tampon girl" and then click PLAY and yeah... Almost gag... Just don't..). The way some people become famous is just, facination. Or no, more like horrifying. Yes, that's it. Either way it's gym, work and then die in the sofa exciting now, don't you think? I've started to get it to the whole 9-5 schedule (or more like, 10-7:15pm) and let me tell you, it can be exhausting. So I am looking forward to this weekend SO much. My dear J just turned 20 so we are celebrating her this friday. Just like we celebrated L last saturday with wine, ice cream, games and girltalk. But this time we are going out dancing! But the day before L's celebration  (we call it friday) me and Em went to see Django Unchined. See it, see it, see it. So that's where the candypicture comes from. I mean, you can't expect me to watch a 2,5 h movie without any sweets? So I'm looking forward to see what this weekend can bring too and I promise that I'll get better with taking pictures. Oui, si, ja, yes. Happy thursday! xoxo
L blowing out the candles on her mirangueice-
creamwhippedcreamandcarmelsauce bday
dessert. yummyyumyum.
Em enjoying a glass of wine with me on the 
random Irish pub we found before the movies. 
My treasure, my ownnn. 
My friends dog had to be here. Look how cute
she is trying to make her mommy, aka my BFF,
F throw her a snowball to chase. Cutiepie... 

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