Sunday, January 13, 2013

massive sunday

Hey darlings, had a good weekend? 
Mine has been just what I needed, relaxing. My friday morning gave me just that message when I was going through the glass door to get into the subway station and slid on the ice, almost touched my face with my foot (seriously, it was on my eye level), flapped my "wings" like a penguin trying to save myself from falling on my ass, and fell (smashed) into the glass doors, cartoon-style. All I do is to scream out "whoooopsy" and laugh (didn't feel like looking around me at the probably staring faces) but I have the feeling that I did someone's day. Well, I guess I can give them that one... Saturday morning started in a much more satisfactory manner since I went home to F's house to have some brunch. Scones, last night homemade pizza, fresh mango, scrambled eggs... Drooling yet? But then we got down to buissess to study some drivers ed since my babe is getting her license. Now, how bad is it that we did one test and failed? (this is where I tell you guys that I already have a license... Woopsy...). Hey, nobody is perfect. And today has been RE-laxing and interesting. Who knew how great a documentary about Megan Fox could get? (she is actually brilliant that one...) And the end of Brokeback mountain. Gosh, I've always wanted to see the whole thing but couldn't manage to switch the channel... I guess I'll have to see the 1st hour someday soon.. Anyway, a chill but nice weekend and tomorrow is a new day. New start. See you there babes, xoxo. MissV. 
Atm my fb profile picture taken in Ludwigslust. One straw just isn't enough...

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