Thursday, January 17, 2013

Simple going deep

Shopping mission: Finding a big, fierce bag that will fit gym clothing, towel, makeup, one huge wallet (which is big because of all the club cards and reciepts that I always save because "one day I'll take the time to go through them all"... For what reason? I think I forgot..So don't let the size fool you. No cash here bitches.). And all of the other "oh so neccessary" items us females tend to put (or in my case cram) into our poor purses. I'm sick of a crammed bag but the thought of walking around another day with my sports bag is even worse... Ick.. 

Friday plans: Tomorrow it's friday (friiiday, friiday got to get down on... Shut up) and I am FREE!! No work for missychica so I am hanging out with my amazing friend M who I haven't seen since she left for an exotic adventure with her man. Since I haven't seen her pretty face since summer, having an bake100'sofcakesandeatthemall-day is just beyond perfect. And then I'm meeting Em up for a glass of wine before going to the movies, epic friday btw. 

Last shopping made: 2 fashion magazines (omg, I've fallen so hard for GlamourUK, seriously, it's brilliant!! Read, read, read!!), a deoderant and tampons (oh the fabulous life of a woman). Now, I didn't really want to type the last thing because... It's frown upon I guess? But you know what, most woman do this once a month so why shouldn't I write it down? Everything happening downstairs for guys isn't all heavenly either but that doesn't keep them from spreaking up about it so whatever. I BOUGHT NEW TAMPONS YESTERDAY!!! So now you know...

Other than that, this kitty is fucking adorable. 
I'm decicating this picture to my dear "kittycat". A-afuckingmazing human being on this planet who turned 21 yesterday. Girl, when I hit that number (in like one year) were gonnaa partyyy in the U..S..AAAA!!!

Lot's of love, 
the weirdo.

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Kittycat said...

YOU'RE the a-fuckinmazing human being! :D Thanks for the pic hehe <3 can't wait til next year!! going out in the states, being the only ones dancing our asses off and requesting bieber songs slakthuset style! ;) love you xoxo

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