Tuesday, November 15, 2011

And I said to myself...

...What the F*ck?!
This is what I am dealing with here. Am I lucky or what? I thought a gray picture was needed as well to reflect my emotions about what I am up to right now which is trying to figure out how this spaceship works... My dear friend T lended me this hard core graphic calculator to play with since it costs over 70$ in the store (like I would ever spend that much money on a math tool when there are clothes, shoes and other fabulous things to buy in this world). I'm in math C. She took the class all the way to D. Or was it E?.. Either way, props to my girl T. I sure wouldn't make it that far. But I can't sit here and blog no more, my date is waiting to be counted.. But soon I will get to leave this house and go to the gym! (when you are excited to go to the gym, you know you are doing something incredible dull.. Like math). But I have some more pages to get done first. 

My next post on the other hand will contain exciting news (believe me, you will love it. Or at least be jealous..) But now it's time to get my geek on.. 

Ttyl darlings,

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