Monday, November 14, 2011

Hard Work Work...

I can't say that this was the most glamorous day of my life..
It started out by waking up after not nearly enough sleep (just like I predicted, wow I must be psycic..)
But after putting on my fluffy and purple bathrobe I started to feel a little bit better (stop laughing, I know it doesn't sound pretty and trust me. It is not. But when you start wearing that fluffyness, you can't go back). After arriving to my math class 15 minutes late (being on time isn't my strongest quality..) I found out that I have a test on thursday. This being my first math class I have attended since my fall break I'm pretty stressed about it + I haven't studied any of the things the test is about. (good job Jenny..) BUT I can do it. Tomorrow I will spend some quality time with my math book, yes, the whole day. It feels like I'm forced to go on an date with a friend's friend just to be nice. You don't really want to, but you know you kind of have to.. And after the horrible news and 2 more classes I spent 6 hours working (cashflooooow, or not really but still...) And now here I am, close to pass out on the couch.. I should go to bed soon since I have a long day with my not so handsome mathbook tomorrow to look forward to (not to mention the calculator). But I put myself in this mess, so I'm sure as hell getting myself out of it. Wish me good luck dears, I might need it.

But now to something glamorous! Or no, dandylicious! (sorry, inside joke). Anyway, I want to thank my amazing, good looking and not to mention smart (and sometimes a smartass) friend Stefan who other than always knowing how to make me laugh and being awesome in general made me this new design. So thank you thank you thank you for that! It looks great.

Here is a picture of my fabulous friend,
and don't forget to visit his blog!

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