Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I am spending this New Years in...

... LONDON!!!
Yes, these are the exciting news I told you about earlier. Me, and ordered our plane tickets this weekend and also booked our hostel which is in the middle of London with free breakfast!! (no, we are not fat. We just love our food, that's all...). We arrive on friday the 30th which means that we have the whole day to walk around the city and do some serious shopping (what else?). And then on saturday it's New Years Eve so that means that the whole day is going to be a big party. Sunday will be a hungover day (shocker..) but the fabulous part is that we don't leave until monday which gives us the whole day to recover from saturday night and do whatever we didn't have time to do the first two days. Simply perfect...

Some pictures from the trip me and my mom did last fall 


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