Thursday, November 17, 2011

No thirsty thursday for this chick...

... Nope, no partying for moi today. 

All this girl did was to:

  1. Wake up at 6:30 to study math for the test I had today. (Great plan by the way, not only did I find out how hard it is to learn new things before 7am but I also learned that you can fall asleep while drinking your morning coffee..).
  2. Learn a whole lot of new things about China. Wow, the information seems endless for this country. It truly does!
  3. Eat Christmas porridge in school for lunch. (Don't say "ew" before you've tried it, it is truly amazing). Which you eat with sugar and cinnamon. Y-u-m!
  4. Hand in my math test which was probably one of the worst math test I have ever handed in since Junior High (and still I managed to get an A in that class in the end. But there are more chances yet to come, better work my ass off next time).
  5. Have a suprisingly good day at work (from 5pm-9pm, such joy..) I laughed more than I have done in a long time today! Me and C click perfectly and always have fun when working together which is well needed at my job where all you do is to talk to customers a lot (A lot x1000). 
A  picture of a beer commercial that I took in Budapest. But no beer for me this thursday.
This picture would be better to describe the excitement of this day in my life. (Now how sad is that?)
Also taken in Budapest by moi. Now, is it just me or can old people sometimes be so cute that you can't help but smile at them and.. Umh, take a picture? 

And now I am in bed and my arm is falling asleep so I better get done here and start reading my book before turning the lights off. Hope I will sleep better today than last night (dark circles under your eyes is just never pretty). But school tomorrow will be easy, just a visit to the museum of natural history. Piece of cake... And then jean hunt, the gym with T and after that I'm going to spend my night relaxing and simply enjoy the fact that the weekend has arrived.. I can't wait.


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