Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas lazyness

Today I woke up with a numb arm and dry lips in my dark bedroom not having any idea of what time it was, and I loved that feeling. Way too much stress has ruled my life and France was a great break from that and I am glad that I have been just as relaxed in Sweden these past few days of being home as well.

Right now I'm sitting in the kitchen drinking my coffee trying to motivate myself into start cleaning my room. I have a closet that is a hot mess, a bureau which is even worse, both clean and dirty laundry which needs to be put into place and get washed and yeah, let's not forget my monster suitcase from France that needs to become unpacked. Well my dears, it's time to take a last sip from my coffee, turn on the radio and get moving. The last boring thing to do (except for the mad workout I'm planning to do after this cleaning dealio is done..) before christmas is here (oh my freaking god I can't wait for tomorrow, I feel like a little kid again...).

Just wanted to share a few christmasy pictures with you all, taken from my pretty little apartement. First my salad I had today (interesting, right?), our pretty pigs who always decorate our kitchen table during christmas, the christmas tree, gingerbread (obligatory for all swedes during christmas), a creepy looking santa, a nice looking santa, a candle (you don't say..?), christmas postcards, our view which tells us that this christmas won't be so white after all.. And my cup of coffe which I hope will give me strength (Ok,  a big enough caffeine rush) to be able to clean my mess in this place...

Christmas is almost here now people, relax and enjoy it. We are all worth it. (I did not mean for that to sound like a cheesy commercial line.. I swear...)


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