Thursday, December 22, 2011

Wednesday's events

Yesterday I had test in french where I had to talk about my internship, hostfamily and the cultural shock we all experience arriving to a new country (even thought I've visited France before like.. 3 times?l-o-v-e it). and I have to say that it went pretty darn well! I talked for 10 minutes straight and I actually felt like I made sense.. So that's some good news, speaking a 3rd language is never a bad thing + I love french, got to keep it up!

After school my dear friend T came over to make some plans about our and S's little trip to London (oh my f-ing god I am so freaking excited!!!). Our flight got moved back from the 31st to the 30th and before that it was the 28th, so the flight company is starting to get on our nerves.. But we'll make it work!

I also got my birthday gift from her since I was in France on Dec 2nd (so sweet of her) and I can honestly say that it was one of the funnies and most clever gifts I have even recieved. It connects to the trip we are about to make to London, check it out! 

Bakis =  Effervescent tablets you take before going to bed when you have been out partying to avoid a horrible hangover. It's supposed to help you from getting dehyderated.

Dextro= Energy tablets since we were supposed to arrive to London at 4am before it got rescheduled so T figured that coffie, Redbull and these little thingies would be the way to go! But even if we won't arrive that early in the morning now, I still think we might need these babies to stay on top of things.

Salvequick= Patches, what else? Dancing, walking (in stores and in order to get to stores), running (after the dubbel decker bus) and maybe falling once or twice... Stuff like that! We will get sore heals, better be prepared!

Coconut Body Butter= Just because T is the best, I now smell like a tropical djungle. For no other reason than the fact that she is the best. 

Thanks again for the wonderful, hilarious and clever gifts. Can't wait until december 30th is here!!


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