Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Right now I am enjoying another day off by relaxing at my apartement. I'm watching "Audrina" on MTV (best channel ever when you are in the the mood for something fun and simple to watch, maybe a little bit dramalicious as well). But I also have things to get done today and plans that I have to get ready for. Here they are...

  1. Choose the camera I want to get (I need one that takes better pics, digital like an Olympus Pen..).
  2. Go to the gym.
  3. Clean the last part of my room (it's not a mess anymore, it actually looks good! I'll show you later).
  4. Meet Julia up for a cup of coffee, haven't seen her since France. So pumped to catch up with her!
  5. Have dinner with Tova and Sofie to celebrate and enjoy the fact that we leave for London this friday!!

All pics are from the Sartorialist.

I love going out and grab a cup of coffee or eat dinner with friends just for the fun of it. Spending quality time with people you love simply feels great. I haven't wore makeup or jeans for 3 days which is long for me (wow, that sounded pretty shallow..) but I do look forward to dress up a little, but these days of lazyness have been perfect. But it's time to get my citylife going again, join me?

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