Thursday, December 29, 2011


I had a great dinner with my favourite girls tonight. We are always super loud (not always a good thing..) and laugh a lot, a lotlot. I have such a great time whenever I see them and I can't imagine how awesome (and crazy) 6 days with these pretty ladies is going to be like. We got replaced to another table as soon as we sat down. We instantly looked at each other and thought that we were getting kicked out for laughing to much, making too much noise. But no. We got ourselves a bigger table, score!! And oh, don't forget to follow our trip here on MissV. We leave on friday bitches...

This is what happens when you have friends like mine, no serious photos. But I don't mind.. T and S.
My pizza, yes I ate it all. And I loved it...

We ate at a great place called "Vapiano" where they have pizza and pasta.
My first time there and I loved it. Great food, employees and interior design.
But now I'm going to bed, I have a long day of packing and more tomorrow
and the spring catalog from H&M is waiting for me on my night stand.

Good Night dear readers.

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