Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Getting thing over with

Yesterday was a day filled with not so exciting school work (which I by the way still have to finish today) and the gym. Good thing, no scratch that. Great thing, nonono. AMAZING thing that I got to skype with my fabulous friend Stefan who always gets me into a good mood. Now I got new energy to go and do what I am supposed to do with this day:

  1. Get through the school day with your eyes open the whole time.
  2. Send in the history essay.
  3. Go home without falling asleep on the subway.
  4. Finish the English book essay.
  5. Refresh your resumé.
  6. Apply to the best part time jobs you can find.
  7. Fall asleep on the couch and enbrace the feeling of being done and dream sweet dreams about the trip you are making to Amsterdam this weekend. (Can't wait!!)
Flexibel bitches, sorry we're famous oopss *hangs up*...

(Don't miss my awesome pajamapants in the picture that I told you about in my last post,
so stylish..).

Just skyping about everything and nothing, bending our lims. No big deal, it's just us  

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