Sunday, January 15, 2012

Drop dead gorgeous

So.... This is how far I got with making the bed...  I was going to make it all pretty but then I realised that I will be back in bed before I know it so why even bother? Today I feel like I deserve and I look like a disaster with my blue Walmart sweatpants with stars and monkeys on them (didn't you hear that moneys are fashionable?) a big ole t-shirt and an adidas sweater on top of that + the gorgeous old lady bun on the top of my head with a look that reminds me all too much of dog poop. Today is the day I should really take a "today's outfit picture". Sofie came over and we worked on our resumés for Paris. We are going to apply for jobs for this summer. We actually got pretty far with them and will send them on tuesday. Crossing my fingers that we'll get the interviews... 

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