Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hands in the cookie jar.

To go to work was kind of hard since I haven't been there for over a month, so it certanly was time to go get it done. I  went to "get some water" while working (aka calling people and talking to people and being annoying to people, yeppers. That's what I do sometimes after school hours). Really I just wanted to go and get some new sweeties from the box of cookies I had spotted before (and grabbed two out of), but it was gone. Devestated after this discovery I desperatly tried to find it in every cabinet there was but no cookie box was found.. But then I saw it carelessly smushed together and in the trash can. Oh. My. God, the cookies were gone. My only motivation.. I walked back to my chair with a broken heart and hungry stomach. (I mean, this was supposed to be my dinner..). Good thing my friend D knows his was around the place and showed me the whole cookie storage. (it truly was a hallejuah moment). With cheeks stuffed and a full stomach I got through the last hours and had an epifani...

If cookies are my only motivation at work, I need to find something else to do to make my extra money. I'll be working on my curriculum tonight, that's for sure..


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