Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A long walk home

Started the day with spilling out coffee powder all over the floor but I was too tired to even get annoyed about it. (My body wasn't made to wake up at 7am). I got a social studies class today, then lunch and my first phsychology class ever. Pretty excited to see what that's all about but I won't be able to reflect it until my cup of coffee is finished (when did I become so attatched to this brown liquid?) After that it's off to the library to study and then work and then home again. Is it awful that I'm already looking forward to get back to bed? Maybe watch one or two amazing episodes of SATC before closing my eyes? NO, time to shape up. Life is what you make it. Time to take a shower, put something fabulous on from my closet and shape up, get my butt to school.. Have a great day dear readers! And I'll make sure to have one of them as well. 

I'm simply loving this relaxed skater and his outfit. Makes me feel like I should calm down as well. No worries. The warmer and fun days are getting closer, just a few steps away.

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