Saturday, January 14, 2012

Friday the 13th

My dear friend J turned 19 yesterday and we celebrated her last night. It started out at her house and as soon as I walked in I felt nostalgic! There were balloons everywhere in pastell colours, a huge chocolate and raspberry cake on the kitchen table (Johanna bakes fantastic cakes) and everyone were sitting in the living room around a little table with a big basket of cinnamon rolls on it. After a lot of laughing, talking and eating we left the apartement to go disco-bowling!

 5 of the 12 bowlers (is that even a word..?)
Mine and Frida's beautiful bowling shoes (how come I ended up picking the ugliest pair in the whole place? Red with silver details. Ok that bowling shoes always look.. Special... But these were just plain ugly!)

I'm actually pretty proud of myself now. It usually takes me 3 rounds before I get it right and hit a single cone but this time I actually won the whole thing!! Don't really know how that happened but anyway, maybe friday the 13th isn't all bad luck?


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