Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hello homies, I'm back

Hola! I'm blaming this awful update on a high and even more awful fever... But it's all good now and I am back on track in my regular Stockholm life. The trip was great, we all had so much fun! (even though the last night ended up in a horrible and mysterious stomach ache..) Amsterdam is for sure a place worth visiting and I'll show you why through a few posts with pictures from my trip. I figured that I would make a few since we spended a little bit over a weekend there (friday-monday). So here is the first few pictures from the trip, enjoy!

Isn't it too pretty with all of the canals running through the whole city? I love it. Right now I'm going to bed with my new CHIC fashion magazine, but trust me, there will be more pictures up before you know it. Sleep well, X.

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