Thursday, January 26, 2012

The smallest things

After philosophy class today I was so ready for lunch, I was ready to run for it but then my friend reminded me... We had 1 hour french before lunch hour (fuck my fuckelifukcking life).. So I went there, survived the hour, ate more than my stomach could take at lunch (got to start bringin fruit to school in order not to get to absessed about lunch hour haha) and then we had one more hour of french class! It was hard, suuuper hard! Our new teacher is so good though, but we are not really used to it. (Thank got for the internship in Aix, France. Without that, we would all have been screwed...) But me and Y kept our moods up and laughed the whole freaking class (more or less about how little we understood, or just at nothing really funny at all... It was great!) 

But no more news about my day. Here is the 2nd part of my pics from the lovelylovely little city called Amsterdam  

Hamburgers, anyone? ... Didn't think so...


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