Monday, February 20, 2012

Messy, messy day

We all have those days where we are clueless with what to do about our hair. It might be frizzy. dirty or just simply having one of those horrible hair days which we have all experienced once or twice (or a thousand times). Unless you want to walk around with with this look, I got a plan for you. 
Put your hair up in a high and rather messy ponnytail depending on what look you are going for of course. I like to match a well dressed outfit with a messier hair and vice versa, but it's your choice ppl. 
Now tease the ponny tail with a comb and spin it around the tie and make it stick with either bobby pins or another hair tie. 
Forever21 made a simple video of the hairdue which you can watch here in case you find my description a bit confusing.. There are so many ways to play with this look, good luck now girls!


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