Monday, February 27, 2012


The Annual Academy Awards were held last night and me and some friends went to the movie theathre to see the whole event live. Since it's aired on Cali-time, it started pretty late over here in Sweden. We started watching at 11pm and it wasn't over until 6:00 in the morning! It was so much fun though and I didn't sleep for one minute (yes, I was pretty impressed by myself..) and when we went home, people were riding the same subways to go work. But back to the awards, it was an exciting show with beautiful dresses, curled hair and bleached smiles white as my skintone after this long winter (OK, even whiter..). It was a lot of fun commenting on all the dresses and looks and dream to someday see it all in person (not as an actor ofc, nonono, more like.. Interviewing? Or simply being a guest, hanging out at the Oscars. Now wouldn't that be something?)
Here are my favourite dresses:
And a picture of the host, Billy Crystal
Rooney Mara
Was wearing what I thought was the prettiest dress of 
them all. Unique and breathtaking in a way that reminds
you of the beauty in Snowhite. 
 Angelina Jolie  
Gorgeous as always and almost intimidating of beauty with
the powerful black dress in a velvet fabric and the red lips
on top of it all. Is there anyone else out there who can pull
this off?
Milla Jovovich
Looked stunning on her first Academy Awards and her
try to mix in well but at the same time look unique and
find that dress who could say it all worked 100%.
 Emma stone 
My favorite actress right now it just as funny as she is
pretty and the red hair to the red threads simply works
like peas and carrots (oh my gosh that's corny..) She was
one of the best presenters in my opinion and I can't wait 
to see what she does next. This girl is amazing.
 Octavia Spencer  
This beautiful Oscars winner (hipphipphurray!!) looked
stunning, amazing, fabulous.. The words just aren't enough!
It fits her curves like no other and brings out her true 
beauty. This dress is definitely in the top 5. Wow...
Penelope Cruz 
A classic dress who's colour might seem like a safe card 
but still we can't deny the fact that it fits her well and 
that she looks, as usual, great.
Jessica Chastain
A red headed girl with a greenish and goldish dress is now
proven to work like wonders. She was glowing during the 
whole show and let's just stare at her haircolour a little bit
longer and look at how perfect it all works with her pearl
colored skin. 
 Esperanza Spalding
I don't know if it's the hair or the baby blue color but it just
works. She looks so pretty in the whole combination and the 
silver bracelet just completes the look like no other.

So these were my fav's of this years Oscars. It was so much fun watching it with friends while stuffing our faces with candy&cookies, constantly sip coffee to keep our eyelids up and comment on everything the big screen shared with us from the show in dazzling L.A. This definitely has to be re-done! But now it's time for this swede go to bed and watch an episode of Pretty little liars... Xoxo.

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