Monday, February 6, 2012

The Rum Diary

My saturday night involved staring at Johnny Depp for over an hour (don't we just melt girls?) while watching his latest movie, the rum diary. It was simply amazing for more reasons than Johnny being a part of it. It was also my kind of humour; somewhat sarcastic, suprising and not too obvious for a change (even though I die out of laughing everytime I watch The Hangover). The whole atmosphere in the movie made me want to go to the Carribean and drink rum , spend every day as an adventure and not worry about tomorrow. But my lovely reality is surviving the last semester of high school and then start with the adventures. The night was complete with sushi (raw fish never disappoints, which sounds a lot weirden right now in writing than it really is) and great company of my two girls Em and A. 


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