Monday, February 6, 2012

Watching the same moon makes it feel like it's not that far away

Today was a school free day (one of those rare halleluljah moments when all the teachers have a meeting the entire day) so I used it for checking off my "To Do List". Even though only 7/19 got crossed off, I still did something, right? One of the things was skypeing with S,one of those things you put on the list only because you will have no problem with getting it done. Catching up was fun as always but it was less fun to say goodbye in order to get going with the boring things on the list (such as cleaning my mess, aka bedroom). Sofie came over later on and we sent in some highly neccessary things for the job we ohpleasegodsomuch want, in Paris (where else?). Fingers are still crossed for everything to go well. Right now all we can do is prepare. 

Time to get some sleep, long day of learning tomorrow.


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