Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wishing for warmer days

I'm not going to go all bitter on the weather now, I mean, the snow it pretty and the cold is getting better! But what I miss is to simply walk around in an outfit and not having to hide it behind thick coats and fluffy scarves. I miss matching cute tops with high jean shorts and play with different materials. So here it is, what I wish to wear spring 2012. 
A cute top like this could easily fit in my closet and getting tucked in a pair of high waisted jean shorts and matched with a pair of cool boots. Or why not let it speak for itself over a pair of skinny jeans? I see this top with a pair of fierce wayfarers and lots and lots of confidence on top of that. Go girl!

This fabric strangely reminds me of a curtain, but I still love it! (or maybe that is why I love it..?)This top can be used in so many ways and I just want to get it off the screen and in my bag. I can see this darling being worn with jeans, shorts, a skirt, you name it! Let the hair make a statement as well with a messy bun or a thick braid on the side. There are many ways to play with this look.. What are you waiting for?
Cute and bright isn't all there is to wear only because it is spring. Go against the flow with this baby and work the fiercer look with an oversize top that can be sweetened up with bright make up or rocked down with what? A pair of high waisted jean shorts ofc, can you tell how fond I am of these things? 
Comfy converce in all honors but why not try something new this year? It's 2012 people, we were told we were dying this year. If that's the truth, do you really want to risk not ever taking the chance to wear a gorgeous pair of killer heels? (OK, maybe not finding out your purpose in life, telling how much you love your crush and so on might bother you more on your deathbed. But shoes are shoes, at least pretend to be shallow for just one minute. And then back to reality). 

Don't forget about the protection of one of the most precious things we have ppl, our sight! All my shades are dark so maybe it's time to try something brighter? Let's see how brave I am when it's time to hit the stores for some new glass..

But until the sun comes closer we just simply have to accept the fact that we can't run around in little tops and shorts until mother nature allows it. So let's face the facts and still look fab. Maybe by wearing a thicker sweater like this? Now who said that warm can't be fashionable?

You can find all of these lovely threads here  or in their store.


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