Tuesday, February 14, 2012


So one of my front teeth was in a little accident last night so I had to schedule an appointment today and the whole experience gave me inspiration to make a little list...

...5 things you don't want to hear coming out of your dentist's mouth while she is working on yours:

1. You don't want her (or him) telling the assistent "Oh you are so going to regret doing that when her tooth falls off".
2. Singing to herself ".. Uh-uh-uhhh in the club uh-uh..."
3. Saying "WOOPS, now I am shining on the wrong spot again!"
4. Telling you "I hope you aren't wearing lots of make-up because HERE COMES THE WATEEEEER!!!"
5. Or talking to herself saying "Hmm, I wonder if this is what they did last time.. I think ( she didn't know, nono, she thought she knew, big difference) it is, so we'll just go for that!

However the results were great, good thing her dental skills were a lot more professional than her talk over my head. She even spent some time fixing other things with my teeth just because she had time over, so that was sweet! If she only wouldn't make those comments which made you want to run out of the room, I'd be coming back!


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