Saturday, March 3, 2012

Latest treasures

Remember how I wrote about me and my gray, black and
beige (and oh, white.) closet? Well I took the step and
bought myself a bright blue dress to spice up my wardrobe!
And yes, I do love it. It's straight from H&Ms denim's collection 
and I can't wait until the weather allows me to match this
beauty with heels and red lips. 

And OK, I know I probably shouldn't have bought another gray 
piece while I was on my shopping trip but hey, it's a great piece of 
threads. Besides, even though the % now it plus, minus zero, I still
have one more colourful outfit in my closet so the gray one doesn't
really bring it all down... Right..? And I am honoring The Beatles with
this awesome top, now there is nothing at all wrong with that people.


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foxx said...

i love your beatles abbey road t-shir!
and beautiful dress! i need new dress to summer (:

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