Sunday, March 4, 2012

Ravioli night

Last night was spent as it should. My friend Em came over and made these great raviolis from scratch (and by that I mean from scratch. Dough and everything, I know, she is amazing) which we enjoyed with a bottle of red wine (what else?). Catching up as always is a blast and it was great hearing how she had it in Thailand where she was just a week ago or so (and she was still tanned ofc, and I was jealous...). We also looked at some awesome places to stay in San Francisco through Craigslist (love that page). All since we are planning to move there when we are 21. So... 2014? I am excited! And then we made a song through GarageBand on my Mac and we thought we were the best DJ's ever, maybe we'll make a carreer out of it? Anyways, the night ended with lots of Youtube-ing for funny clips so it was simply a great and fun night! Hope your saturay was just as good as ours. X.  

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