Saturday, March 31, 2012

Magic is not only for wizards

Yesterday was what I like to call a productive day. I practised my driving skills (planning on getting my license before this summer, no. I am going to get it before this summer), worked on my school project, went to the gym and litterary worked my ass off on the cross trainer and ate some apples on the floor. Not in the floor-fetish kind of way or the "we have just moved in and don't have furniture and therefore have to eat pizza on the floor but we are going healthy so apples just have to do it!" -kind of way. Nope, it was the multitasking way. You see, I had to stretch after my workout, shower and eat in 15 minutes and then run to the subway to meet up dear S and buy a birthdaygift for our girl T. So what I did was to put the eating and stretching part together = eating apples while touching your toes. Another way to multitask in this smart manner could be putting on your mascara while practising on a speech for class or brushing your teeth in the shower (been there, done that..) Don't let anything stop your imaginaton! Just do all the boring stuff at once and you will find yourself with more time on your hands than you could have ever wished for. Magical, isn't it?

Dear T when she opened her random gift(s) me and S gave her for her b-day. We figured we would prepare her for her 1 year in Australia (omg am I going to miss her!) by buying her some important things. Things such as a pink mini cutting board for her appartement, some water colours if she ever gets inspired to paint something beautiful such as... Koalas? And tuna in a can if she runs out of money to buy food (but that plan got ruined when we heard that you can't bring any food on the plane to Australia, at all. Darn it..), bandages, hand disinfectant for the exotic animals and so on... Simply a very serious and amazing gift for preperation! Damn we are good..


Jodie said...

Thank you got your lovely comment. Multitasking is a great way to reduce stress- and you have it down to a tee!

Lulu Frances said...

Lol yeah been through the teeth brushing on the shower thing as well :)

MissViking said...

Haha it is truly a great way to save time!! Love it.

MissViking said...

It sure is! ;D xx

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